About Canzac Group

We’re proud to be a world leader in concrete products, systems and processes

We deliver the right system for the right result over the lifetime of the build and beyond because with the best experience, technology and systems.  

Biggest range

We have the biggest range of concrete accessories under one roof in Australasia.  It means we have what you need, when you need it.

Best knowledge and expertise

What we don’t know about concrete isn’t worth knowing.  We’re a trusted partner to engineers, builders, concrete contractors, architects and developers because of our knowledge and expertise.

Latest innovation & technology

As a specialist manufacturing supplier and distributor of concrete accessories that include load transfer, formwork, lifting systems and joint control products, densifiers and joint fillers we have a reputation of leading the industry with the latest in technology and innovation.  If it’s new, mitigates risks, improves performance and design and delivers efficiencies, then we’ll have it!  Describe the solution you’re after and we’ll recommend the best system and solution.

One trusted single source partner

Together we’re better!  We help engineers, designers, developers and contractors to mitigate against any risk in their construction projects because we are a single source partner. One that is trusted, reputable, and has extensive experience with concrete and the construction process across all types of projects, as well as having extensive knowledge of the inevitable issues encountered with poorly designed and constructed slabs on grade.  It gives you one point of contact for a myriad of better solutions.

Partnerships of Trust

We believe in building enduring, trusted, reliable partnerships with the best of the best that continue to broaden our access to latest technologies and systems, that we can pass on to our customers.  We are members of the following organisations.

new zealand precast Association

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new zealand concrete Association

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new zealand placers and finishers Association

The Canzac Group advantage

We understand what works and what doesn’t, so tap into our 60 plus years of experience in the concrete industry.
We are here to assist and support you through your projects at any stage of the program.

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Benefit from a highly experienced team with extensive and specialised skills in all aspects of design, construction and performance of slab on grade across all types of projects.

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The Most Innovative Products

We research, test, develop locally and source from concrete construction industries worldwide that introduce new and innovative products.

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Extensive Product Knowledge

Technology moves so fast these days, but you can rely on us to advise you on the best products to suit your needs.

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Top Quality Products
& Services

Not only do we sell top-quality products, but you can be assured that our product line is evolving through ongoing research and development.

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Timely Advice

We provide access to the right information at the right time.

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Honest & Reliable

Our approach to pricing and delivery times has earned the trust and loyalty of many contractors and engineers.

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We take control of the design aspect, taking accountability for all aspects of the slab performance. We design PS1 and sign off PS4.

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All Under One Roof

You can deal with us for all your concrete accessories as a single source supplier, from joints in floors to joints in walls as well as tilt-up accessories and more.

Canzac Group Companies

As a world leader in concrete products, systems and processes we are your one trusted source partner for concrete technologies, systems and solutions, engineer and design advice and expertise, industry training and the biggest range of concrete accessories under one roof in Australasia.

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